The headline tech conference of the Forward Festival, the Forward Technology Conference (FTC) is geared toward startup founders, tech geeks, and those wanting to build successful technology companies. Whether you’re thinking about launching a startup business or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, you’ll find this conference relevant and insightful.

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Sherry Eckholm

American Family Insurance
Sherry Eckholm joined Innovation as a Business Design Expert within Innovation. She brings to the team 20+ years of product design and design strategy, design thinking, thought leadership and project management expertise from the consultancy side of innovation. Sherry has an insatiable curiosity and hunger to learn in fields both inside and outside her expertise in order to ask intelligent, relevant and probing questions to fully understand customers’ problems and translate them into actionable designs. She will challenge the status quo in order to guide teams to not simply accept the most obvious solutions, but to work diligently to find the right solution. Sherry was born and raised in Wisconsin but has lived in Minneapolis MN and Raleigh NC, and has had the privilege to travel the world to observe and gain empathy across a spectrum of needs. Her family is made up of a fellow designer, a budding hacker, and a STEAM activist.